Providence is here to connect you. Tell us your interests and we will work to connect you.

Now is the time for a thorough and well-coordinated effort to deliver the best available broadband, content and resources for abundance. Delivering connectivity to every person will not be easy and the intended outcome will not be inevitable. Building thriving communities requires the creative and tireless labor of those willing to be accomplices for abundance. Providence is committed to building and delivering every structure necessary to connect the under-connected and create healthy, flourishing end-users. 

1. Your tax-deductible donations help us quickly deliver fast broadband and connectivity to every person. (Donate Now)

2. Are you formerly-incarcerated or, for any reason, separated from your purpose? We want to connect you with the digital resources you need for the healthy, flourishing life you deserve! (Click Here)

3. Partner with us! We would love to host you and your organization at the inaugural Connectivity Campus in Martin County, North Carolina! You are welcomed to visit, volunteer and share in the vision. (Volunteer, engagement signup)

Organizations wishing to connect in this effort should submit a mission statement, partnership offering and logo here for consideration. (Click Here)