About Our Company

Providence is a social enterprise delivering connectivity for abundance.

The Providence solution is an innovative clean energy combination of market collaboration, social investment, emerging technology, and regional deployments that provide for the quick and continuous delivery of high-performance internet and resources to every under connected user, on a sliding scale, for no more than $50/month.

Providence’s social investment begins with a collaborative skills curriculum designed to meet neighbors where they are and bridge under-resourced communities to tomorrow’s present. Providing neighbors with digital skills certifications in Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Advanced Digital Skills will prevent talent drain and create the greatest opportunity for community stabilization and positive social mobility.

Further cementing our commitment, Providence makes hyper-localized, globally impactful investments in community-based connectivity spaces to inspire innovation, connect communities, share resources, and cultivate abundance.

Our Values and Foundation

Our Values

Eliminate obstacles.

Deploy ideas and tools necessary for thriving communities.

Provide every digital resource necessary to flourish.

Have more than what we need.

Our Foundation

Providence Omnistructure means “God’s provision of every necessary structure”. Our company operates with a deep commitment to a universal, spiritual truth anchoring human rights and social justice: delivering abundance requires people of good will to be co-workers with God. We are those people.

Our Founder

Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins, JD is a social engineer and abundance cartographer. He is a native of Dardens, North Carolina, a small community in the eastern-most part of Martin County. Immediately prior to launching this innovative social enterprise, Jeremy led successful efforts to expand economic opportunity, reduce incarceration and create the 1st Office of Digital Equity in the country. Since 2003, Jeremy has worked with communities across the country to advance equity and justice initiatives. From organizing, litigation, policy advocacy, and campaign strategy, Jeremy has led successful, collaborative efforts that include repealing Delaware’s death penalty, protecting voting rights across the South, creating economic opportunities for marginalized communities and passing the North Carolina Racial Justice Act, a law prohibiting racial bias in death penalty cases.

Jeremy is committed to the Beloved Community. He is a proud father, a loyal Tar Heel, and an enthusiastic Brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. To God be all the glory for the wonderful things He does!

This is Providence Omnistructure. Let’s work!